Cyprien Heusse



I have been a member of the French Scouting association (SGDF) since 2009. Each year, my group plans a garage sale (vide-grenier in French) and a few years ago I got involved in the process. I discovered they had struggle managing the inscriptions so I suggested making a website to help them.

This website is the first website I ever made with the goal of actually be used by people which meant it needed to work great and to have a clear user interface so that any user would be able to fill the form.

The website consists of a form that the people who want to participate in the garage sale have to fill and send and an administration page allowing the scouts to follow the inscriptions and update the garage sales information.

The website has now been working for 4 years and is still maintained.



What I learnt

  • How to make a form accessible and clear to everyone
  • Managing a website used by hundreds of users
  • Data collection rules in the European Union (RGPD)