Cyprien Heusse



In High School, I took the Engineering Science section and in the last year, we had to create a product following a basic "engineering process".

My team and I decided to make an automated chessboard that would move the opponents (an AI) pieces using motors and magnets.

This project took us months but in the end we managed to make a prototype which would detect moves, and move the pieces of the computer player (Stockfish).

This project allowed us to go in the "Olympiades de Science de l'Ingénieur", a High School competition between the different teams of this section at the national level where we won the Artificial Intelligence price.



What I learnt

  • The basics of the engineering process from the need to the prototype
  • Multiplexing 64 sensors to a single Raspberry Pi
  • Stepper motors driving and position calculations
  • Python programming for input/output with GPIO
  • The basics of Artificial Intelligence