Cyprien Heusse



As an engineering student, the calculator is at the center of what I do. And while the physical calculators are quite good, I never found a good alternative for my Mac. What I wanted was an inline calculator which allows you to create variables, use common functions (at least common for me), be able to perform calculations in different numeral bases and have a couple constants built-in.

So I decided to make one myself using Xcode and Swift. I inspired myself from Numi, a simple calculator app from which I borrowed the idea for the interface.

I implemented complex numbers using the Swift Numerics library and coded some functions like the complex exponential myself.

I am currently in the stage of debugging and making the app look as pretty as possible which takes some time.



What I learnt

  • How to make an MacOS app using Cocoa
  • How to use a Swift library inside a project
  • The basics of a compiler (parsing text, ...)